ZTA Housing

Living in a Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house can be a highlight of your college years. The cost for room and board is lower than living in a residence hall, or any apartment complex in the area and the benefits provide a unique experience for personal and social growth.

The unique residential environment of ZTA housing provides:

Our Home 

Our adobe house, or as we like to say "Zouse", is located right off University on the NMSU campus. It is equipped with a dining room, living room, kitchen, 14 member bedrooms, 7 member bathrooms, a guest room, 2 guest bathrooms, our house moms living quarters, laundry room, storage closet, study, and courtyard. Members of Zeta Tau Alpha have two options when living in house, to have a double room or single room. Single rooms are based on availability in the house. Each room has two closets, two vanities, two dressers, a desk area, two beds, and a shared bathroom. While living in house girls receive two meals per day as well as a pantry and fridge with snacks and breakfast items. Our meals are prepared by our chef and can be adjusted to fit the needs of our members. At the house, we have a house mom who helps our members with anything they might need while being away from home. Along with our house mom, we have a chef and cleaning staff that help keep the house in great condition. At the house we have hosted movie nights, smore's nights, tea parties, and BBQ's. Living in the house is a great way to connect with members and make amazing memories. 

Recently,  we have updated our study which is located on the second floor of our beautiful adobe home. In our spacious study you will find girls meeting with their study groups, crafting, and playing board games. Our study is the perfect place to meet during finals when the library is packed with students.


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