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Zeta Tau Alpha is love. Zeta is reaching your potential. Zeta is happiness. Zeta is diverse. And as we say, “Zeta is Forever.”

Formal Recruitment will take place from September 6th-9th, 2019. Follow the link below to sign up for Formal Recruitment at NMSU.

Dear Potential New Member,

Welcome to New Mexico State University and congratulations on your acceptance! College is a time in your life to gain knowledge, friends, experiences, and understanding of the world but more importantly yourself. As Zetas, we strive to help foster these things that will inspire you and help you grow—not only in your college career but also in the life ahead of you.

Zeta Tau Alpha strives as a sorority to help you develop as a leader in your community and in your life. You have the opportunity to learn the nobility in serving your community and others, increase your involvement on campus, and scholarship. Our philanthropy focus is all about women helping women—breast cancer education and awareness. As Zetas, we hold outreach programs throughout the year from our “S'mores Night with ZTA” to our “Think Pink, Think Pancakes” event to raise money and support for the cause. You might even recognize our pink Think Zeta ribbons around campus.

Promoting citizenship is not our only goal here in Zeta Tau Alpha. We understand that you are here to study and get your degree. To help you succeed academically, we hold personalized programs and study to support your endeavors. We want to see you achieve, and in the process, we hope you will gain a support system that will stick with you forever—sisterhood.

What is Sisterhood? A sisterhood is a home away from home, a cohort of friends and mentors—a personal cheer squad. A sisterhood is love and a family. In ZTA, you will gain sisters to make memories, to have fun with, and to help you grow. Your ZTA sisters will be there in times of good and times of hardship. The friends you will make are for life, not just four years.

College is stressful and the added responsibilities of a sorority can be difficult. But you will gain so many benefits from giving your time. The experiences in service, leadership, academic support, and friendship that will help you succeed in any career you pursue.

My hope is that each of you finds as much satisfaction with your new “home” as I have here at Zeta Tau Alpha. Follow your heart, stay true to yourself, take a deep breath and let this next, exciting chapter of your life begin. 

Here’s to a lifetime of memories!

Zeta Love and Mine,

NMSU Zeta Tau Alpha 




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