Here at New Mexico State University’s Zeta Tau Alpha chapter, we pride ourselves on having a diverse group of captivating young women. There is a wide array of majors, ranging from Business and Journalism, to Agriculture and Sciences. The interests of members are also very broad and include reading, hiking, movie watching, exercising, and baking, just to name a few. These numerous categories mean that there is always a sister to hang out with or ask for help from.

Due to the varying ages of member there are constantly a number of opportunities for academics, jobs, and other fun activities that are presented. Zeta Tau Alpha sisters help each other grow and gain valuable experience in the four years available. It doesn’t end there though, the sisterhood and bonds that are made always continue on after graduation. ZTA will aid these young women in creating lifelong friendships because “when you’re a Zeta, there are never goodbyes.”

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